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Teaser Trailer released March 16, 2014

Star Trek - Horizon: Trailer 2

Star Trek - Horizon: Trailer #2



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Watch the Star Trek Horizon project’s evolution.

Vlog 13: Soundtrack Completed, Excerpt

Continuing on from video blog twelve, progress on the film has maintained it's breakneck pace. The picture lock was completed in October, and now the official soundtrack has been completed as well. Listen to this vlog for an excerpt and head over to our website to...

Video Blog 10: Post Production Continues

Continuing on from video blog nine, we go more in-depth into post production and the basic process of completing a couple of green screen shots. Also discussed are plans for the future as well as updates on the status of donor rewards.

Vlog 09: All Post Production, All The Way

At the time of this vlog, Horizon wrapped principal photography some time ago. Since then, it has been the long and seemingly endless road of finishing post production. In this vlog we cover some of the post processes that are going on as well as give a special sneak...

Vlog 08: San Diego, New Trailer, Video Tutorial

On the weekend of Saturday, July 26th, I flew out to San Diego for the premiere of Prelude to Axanar. While in San Diego I also took the opportunity to do some filming for Horizon with some wonderful actors. The trip to San Diego, along with a new trailer that's in...

Vlog 06: Screenshot & Kickstarter News!

Hi, All! I'm a bit late to the party with posting the update here on the official website, but better late than never. On March 30th, the 6th video blog was released, and in it I officially announce the launch date of our Kickstarter campaign. This project has been in...

Vlog 05: The Captain’s Chair

Finally, after much deliberation, the long talk about the process of building the Captain's Chair has arrived. Building this chair was a much longer and more intense project than was anticipated, but somehow I've managed to condense it down into eight or so minutes....

Vlog 04: Filming Starts, CG Ship Model

Fantastic updates in this vlog! Filming on the movie has finally begun! What's more is that uniforms are almost done and great strides are being made on the completion of the CG model of the ship. For all you artists out there, you may enjoy what is said about the...

Video Tutorials

Watch video tutorials on the production and post production process used to create the film.