The Horizon Team

Tommy Kraft – writer, director, executive producer

Tommy Kraft is the creator of Star Trek Horizon and founder of Project [N] Resource films.

I’ve loved film and music all of my life. Ever since I can remember I’ve always had my heart set on being a film maker and a musician. I write films, I make films, and I score films. I write, play, sing, and enjoy pretty much all forms of music. I’ve been known on occasion to perform the duties of a photographer, oh and I also sew. Perhaps we should just say that I’m an artist?

Read more about Tommy on his website.

Executive Producers

  • Leom Tait
  • Glen Wolfe

Associate Producers

  • Marc Bowers
  • John Caballero
  • Jan Kivisaar

3D Modeling and Textures

  • Eric Henry
  • Alexander Klemm
  • Ryan McClure
  • Harrison Hummel-Li
  • Dave McCarty
  • Jan Šarbort
  • Alex Browne


  • Ryan Fisher – Gaffer/Grip
  • Vera Khzouz – Key Make-up, Key Special Effects Make-Up, and Key Hair Artist
  • Lisa Hansell – Special Effects Make-up Artist
  • Melinda Kraft – Website Design
  • Sean Kraft -Lead Set Fabrication
  • Joel Worsham – On-set sound operator
  • Dan Thale – On-set sound operator
  • Tim Betzler – On-set sound operator