Hello everyone!

We’ve been quiet on the update front lately, and that’s mainly because I’ve been working away nonstop. I tend to forgot that every now and then I need to actually take a break and post updates! With that said, Video Blog 09 is now ready for public consumption, as is our second VFX pipeline tutorial!

Video Blog 09
At the time of this vlog, Horizon wrapped principal photography some time ago. Since then, it has been the long and seemingly endless road of finishing post production. In this vlog we cover some of the post processes that are going on as well as give a special sneak peak of the original soundtrack to the film.

VFX Pipeline Tutorial 02: Rendering Realistic Space Scenes
In this tutorial we use 3DS Max and V-Ray and Adobe After Effects as I go through the basic process of crafting a scene for Star Trek – Horizon, a sci-fi feature film.