Lieutenant Amelia Yaris

Jeannine Thompson

First Helmsman

Lieutenant Amelia Yarris, the first helmsman of the NX-04, knows the ship well, but there is more to her than meets the eye. She holds a secret vital to the survival of not only the Coalition of Planets, but humanity itself.

Jeannine Thompson, actor

Jeannine Thompson, actorJeannine’s acting career began in high school. Since then she has performed on stage in several Michigan theatres. In 2010 she made the transition to film and has had the pleasure of working with extremely talented local casts and crews. She is thrilled to be a part of this Star Trek fan film. When she is not acting on stage or screen Jeannine enjoys other artistic endeavors like pottery, painting and repurposing old junk into new treasures. Her family also keeps her busy and they are extremely supportive in allowing her the chance to follow her dreams.

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Lt. Amelia Yaris, actor Jeannine Thompson

Lt. Amelia Yaris, First Helmsman